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Shedding Emotional Weight To Reach Your Ideal Body Goal

I’m sure you heard before about emotional weight. Often the weight that we need to lose it’s not only pounds or kilograms but also deep emotions that drain us caused by stress, control, or just dealing with people or toxic situations in our daily environment.

It can be in our private life, business, partnership, and relationship. Suppressing heavy emotions such as pain, anger, fear, frustration, emptiness, and worries block the flow of energy in our bodies.

For women is so important to recognize that. Reasons for gaining weight are: neglecting yourself and your needs, doing things that you don’t like or wanting to deny your truth, being stuck in the past and worried about the future, and unfulfilling relationships and friendships.

Emotional Weight and Weight Gain

emotional weight and weight gain

What happens in our mind is that instead of dealing with the cause we want a quick fix that will give us temporary release or satisfaction. In long term, it will result in more emptiness, weight gain, and an addiction to sugar, alcohol, or cigarettes. The most common is comfort food.

With that kind of habit, you are programming yourself so that every time when you feel that certain emotion, you will reach for the food that will increase important hormones in your body such as dopamine, and serotonin but in the long term it doesn’t work.

What else you can do to feel good instead of eating sugar or drinking alcohol? What are the emotions that you are avoiding?

What You Can Do?

First and foremost, every time when you feel this unhealthy urge, replace it with a different habit.

Stand up, shake your body, move, and simply recognize the unhealthy thought pattern or habit that you are holding onto for many years.

Here are a few ways to release repressed emotions:

  1. Acknowledging your feelings.

  2. Working through trauma.

  3. Making intentional movement.

  4. Practicing meditation.

  5. Self-love

  6. Accept your emotions, acknowledge them, honor them, and release them.


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