Unlock the Power of Self-Talk and Change Your Life

power of self talk

Self-talk. Dialog in your head can empower you or put you so much down. My mentor Toni Robbins always says: change your story, and you will change your life.

What is the story that you are always going on in your head?

Who is speaking those words, that story?

Are we aware of the language we are talking to ourselves daily and how much impact this story has?

I used to do this often, speaking to myself in my head like I was separate from my mind.

Honestly, we are not our bodies, even not our minds, but we are one with them. So, why not make our minds work for our benefit?

We are training our mind to be our best friend. 

How often do YOU say negative, disempowering words to yourself or hear someone else telling them?

I am so sick of never having enough Money. Time. Energy.

Why are things always so difficult for me?

I will never make it. 

Why can’t I find a decent partner? Job? Business?

The words you tell yourself. Seep right down to the emotional part of you (your subconscious). IT IS LISTENING. YOU are listening.

Stop Negative Self-talk

Stop negative self talk

You probably heard of the “law of Attraction,” but the Law of Vibration determines what you’re bringing into your reality.

It’s where you’re putting your emotions and focus. If you are feeling frustrated, angry, or sad, you will continue to have experiences that make you feel that way.

STOP talking to yourself like that. Would you say those things to someone you love? Now, imagine that someone is YOU. Gently talk to yourself, empowering yourself every moment of your day, planting the right energy through your self-talk into your mind.

I get this because I used to do it too. I was letting the things I could see determine how I felt. It controlled my emotions, my days, and my entire life.

It happened every day.

Now I learned to separate those parts of me, and the moment I hear negative words that can crush me, I immediately stop.

Get into the present moment, and inject the proper consciousness.

We are allowing outside experiences to control how we think and feel.

It is not that we lack things in our life.

We should allow the things we love to start managing our actions.

We need good consciousness about it. 

Be careful with what you say to yourself because YOU ARE LISTENING.

YOU are extremely powerful. Put the power to work FOR you.

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