Shedding Emotional Weight To Reach Your Ideal Body Goal

emotional weight

I’m sure you heard before about emotional weight. Often the weight that we need to lose it’s not only pounds or kilograms but also deep emotions that drain us caused by stress, control, or just dealing with people or toxic situations in our daily environment. It can be in our private life, business, partnership, and […]

Unlock the Power of Self-Talk and Change Your Life

power of self talk

Self-talk. Dialog in your head can empower you or put you so much down. My mentor Toni Robbins always says: change your story, and you will change your life. What is the story that you are always going on in your head? Who is speaking those words, that story? Are we aware of the language […]

Do You Create Your Life Story?

The complex nature of mindset and emotion can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, but it is important to remember that what we choose to focus on will greatly impact our state of mind. We may not be able to control the things happening around us, but we have complete control over […]