Transformative Wellness Journey for Women Over 40

Gain insights, personalized training program, nutrition plans, and more!


Transformative Wellness Journey for Women Over 40

Gain insights, personalized training program, nutrition plans, and more!

What is The Ultimate Journey?

Achieve a toned physique and enhance stamina by nurturing the connection between body, mind, and spirit. The Ultimate Journey Program caters to the unique needs of women over 40, providing personalized nutrition and training plans that feel nurturing and supportive. Emphasizing mental healing through meditation and positive self-talk, the program empowers women to reconnect with their inner selves and embrace their authentic expressions.

Embark on a transformative journey towards a balanced and fulfilling life.

Who is this program for?

I have designed this program for women over 40’s that are ready to step up for themselves. If you are innterested in healthy living and:

  • Feel overwhelmed by choices and nutrition or training programs
  • Struggling with weight loss or weight gain
  • Having trouble with metabolism
  • Feeling tired and having low energy throughout the day
  • Women in menopause or midlife crisis
  • Having chronic mood changes and feeling lost

What do you get?

After the initial introduction where we get to know each other we focus on understanding the underlaying issues that are the main cause of the problems holding you back. By raising your spirit and energy we can elevate your accomplishments to the next level. 

We will work on changing your mindset, creating your nutrition program to best suit what your body needs and create a training regimen completely personalized to you, that you can choose to do on your own or have a one-on-one training sessions with me. 

Personalize your Plan

Natali Krizan u meditaciji

As women, we all have dreams and desires that drive us. Yet, at times, we may find ourselves feeling lost and stuck. Is it possible to change this situation? Absolutely. And you’ve come to the right place.

If any sentence or thought deeply resonates with you, know that The Ultimate Journey is here to guide you. This program is designed to help you break free from this state of mind and embrace the life you’ve always longed for. It’s time to take that transformative step forward and embark on the path towards your dreams.

Choose the program that is right for you

The Ultimate Journey


The Ultimate Journey

Quick Start Program

The Ultimate Journey

Full Premuim Program

About Natalie

When it comes to healing ourselves and aligning body, mind, emotion, and spirit for success, carving out time for both body and soul can work wonders.
A holistic approach to well-being through body movement, nutrition, positive self-talk, and connecting with our inner self can be an excellent opportunity for personal growth.

I went through my ultimate journey, bringing me back to myself. From my experience, only working on all aspects of self can bring that real and profound transformation that will last a lifetime and this is why i called it the ultimate journey.

What my clients have to say

Daniela Dapas, 45
When I saw and listened to Natalie on TV talking about her retreats I immediately felt I needed to connect with her. I was in a toxic relationship and trying to find a way out wanting to change my life. I was anxious, full of fear, and unfulfilled and my body and health were suffering. She guided me to find my own answers and solutions without imposing pressure and helped me to tap into my own strength in the process of change. Working with Natali for almost 3 months was a key point in my change. She is deeply intuitive, very authentic, and highly energetic and she can feel other people's pain very deeply. There is no wasting time with her. Every coaching call and meeting was a deep therapeutic experience. We have worked on my body image, spirit, and mind part - all three pillars of healing which were so important to gain my own strength and clarity back. I feel like myself again. Strong, knowing what I want and not settling for less. I also lost over 25 pounds, changed my nutrition, and started regularly working out, moving and meditate (12kg)
Silvia, 50
The ultimate journey was life-changing for me. I changed my nutrition, moved more, listened to my body and emotions, tapped into my limiting beliefs, and worked on my mindset and emotional eating patterns. The personal road map by Natalie was great guidance in everyday habits, not only food and movement but also how to start my morning so I can create a totally new lifestyle. I learned how to move my body and how to organize my week with regular workouts. I have shaped my body and learned to change my identity, transforming how I see fitness and movement. With Natali's program Ultimate journey, I have reached that place feeling confident in my own skin.
Sarah, 46
Working with Natali for almost 3 months was crucial in my change. I was in a toxic relationship and trying to find a way out, wanting to change my life. I feel like myself again. Strong, knowing what I want and not settling for less. I also lost over 25 pounds, changed my nutrition and started regularly working out, moving and meditating (12kg)
Anna, 43
After a very traumatic and painful divorce of 3 years of marriage, I ended up hurt and needy, looking for approval from others. I wanted to take care of my body, health and nutrition, knowing that my state also influences how I feel. Natalie allowed me to learn for myself and listen to my inner self without too much interference from her side.  She gave me the map to think for myself with soft but strong guidance. Today I smile again and love and accept myself more than ever. I feel more confident knowing where I'm going. 
Željka, 59
In our private Ultimate Journey retreat, I enjoyed the healthy and simple food prepared and suggested by Natalie. She advised and prepared my daily menu to detox my body with live food in a simple and tasty way. I learned that eating healthy it’s easy, affordable, and sustainable. It became my daily lifestyle to follow the same nutrition plan. I lost weight, gained more energy, and enjoying my meals with gratitude and pleasure. She will teach you how to cook healthy and tasty food for you and also your family.
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